City of Esanatoglia

Piazza Leopardi, 1-0737 889 132

The Castrum of Santa Anatolia, with its first walls, forms around the Thousand to defend the small agricultural village built near the Church plebale same name.


The first were the lords of Santa Anatolia Malcavalca of Fiuminata; these in 1211 succeeded the Ottoni of Matelica who reigned for only three years, driven by the Da Varano of Camerino. The powerful lords of the Guelph party retained power until 1502, when they were ousted by Pope Alexander VI Borgia. Only for a short time, around 1443, following a siege, Francesco Sforza, helped by Matelica.During he conquered and put to sack the castle of Santa Anatolia and its lands. After taking possession of the Church, the events of the country evolved in parallel with those of the Papal States.


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