Pieve Torina

Pieve Torina

Via Roma, 126 – 0737 51202

In its people and in its inhabitants haunts the ancient characters of a border, crossed by peoples protoitalici direct from the valleys to the plains of Umbria Adriatic, nomadic shepherds and flocks, Etruscans and Romanspievetorina chased by Hannibal after the battle of Trasimeno , by the Lombards of Spoleto and by Benedictine monks, the Franciscans and pilgrims of every age on the way to Loreto and Assisi. A discrete ground, shattered by armies of princes and dukes and calmed by the succession, with no way out, the sun and the moon. There are destinations like Pieve Torina, who are outside and not easily accessible. But it is as if they were inside, within every conscious traveler.

Church plebale: topped by the fourteenth-century bell tower, is one of the most important monuments. The thirteenth-century old structure of the polygonal apse was later lowered making three naves frescoed by the school of Camerino Cola di Pietro.

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