Ristorante La Diligenza

Piazza del Pino, 9 - 61040 Borgo Pace (PU) - www.anticalocandaladiligenza.it

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This Restaurant was founded many years ago and carried on with love by Ms. Ariella, Anna and Alexander is the excellence of the Marches.

The superb dinners by candlelight prepared by Mrs. Ariella, Custodian of three generations of culinary skill, you make it even more clear, the purity of the tradition expressed in the table:

Menu is adapted to the structure, solid and varied, according to local tradition Montefeltro .... traditional dishes, pasta dishes with homemade pasta, grilled local meat, wild boar, mushrooms and game, dishes with white truffle (in season). The atmosphere is homely and friendly but the whole thing is accompanied by a friendly and professional preparation, in short, if you are fond of delicacies is an obligatory stop!


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