The Sibillini Mountains


The Sibillini Mountains are a mountain range located in the Apennines between Umbria and Marche among provinces of Ascoli Piceno, Macerata, Fermo and Perugia.

The peaks that make up this mountain range are formed by limestone formed on the backdrop to the warm seas and in most cases this mountains exceed the 2000 m; the highest peak of the group is given by the Mount Carrier with its 2476 m above sea level, other important peaks are formed by Mount Priora, Monte Bove and Mount Sibilla.

All these peaks are linked by beautiful landscapes accompanied by plantations and animals that are unique and very suggestive also hosted by the homonymous National Park of Sibillini Mountains. From massive of Sibillini mountains are generated various rivers as rivers Tenna, Ambro, Nera and Aso and forwards in the Park there is an artificial lake called lake of Piastra and, under Mount Vettore is located a beautiful and unique lake, the lake of Pilato that is the home of a protected species of a small red crustacean that is unique in the world that is called chirocefalo of Marchesoni and that enhances even more the wonderful fauna already present in this place.9447296397_72cd1f229b_b

The Sibillini National Park is a magical place filled of legends also evidenced by the numerous towers, churches, abbeys and fortified towns located in the typical green nature of this area. The group of plantations of the park is very rich, in fact in this area we find vast forests and 1,800 species of flowers including the beautiful edelweiss and various species of orchids that with their perfumes and their colors help to make the scenery that accompanies this place even more unique.

As the plantations, also the group of animals present in the Sibillini is particularly rich, in fact it is the home of exceptional animal species like the wolf, the wild cat, porcupine and raptors birds like owls and eagles.bernardi3

This particular scene allows to who visit this area to live in a more unique way their experience; are also feasible in this place many activities and sports such as alpine skiing, mountain biking, various climbing, hang gliding, paragliding, rafting and canyoning on the rivers and horses riding without forgetting that this particular place is perfect for trekking that is a wonderful way to get a direct touch with nature thanks to the wonderful tour of the Great Ring comprising by 120 km to cross in nine days along the entire route of the massif of the Sibillini.

The municipalities that make up the Sibillini Mountains are places full of history where is offer to the visitor a unique opportunity to recall the beauty of the past discovering the many treasures reached us from tradition and preserved by man over the centuries; the main municipalities that make up this territory are: Acquacanina, Amandola, Arquata del Tronto, Bolognola, Castelluccio, Castelsantangelo sul Nera, Cessapalombo, Comunanza, Fiastra, Fiordimonte, Montefortinomacerata_lago_di_fiastra, Montegallo, Montemonaco, Norcia, Pieve Torina, Pievebovigliana, Preci, San Ginesio, Sarnano, Ussita and Visso. All these places thanks to their great cultural point makes even more memorable the experience of the tourist in this magnificent place, which will undoubtedly fascinated by a place of extraordinary beauty so rich of history, culture and unique images that create unforgettable emotions.

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