City of Lunano

Square of freedom, 11-0722 700016

Lunano, ancient garrison belonging to the Committee of Montefeltro, was placed in the control of several roads along the valley. Inhabited at first by free men, it was subject to the dominion of Brancaleoni and was later recaptured by Guidantonio da Montefeltro in 1242 and from there followed the events of Urbino. Currently there are still some remains of the original structure composed of a medieval tower with surrounding military fortification, according to historians due to the great military architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini.

In acidic soil pads Lunano grew chestnut generous and one of the few in the province. Chestnut is dedicated the annual Festival that brings together the entire town, hence the recovery of the culinary specialties like main courses “chestnuts” or “chestnut”, a cake made with chestnut flour.

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