Monte Vidon Combatte

City of Monte Vidon Combatte

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Tradition says that its name comes from a fact of battles, though little known, occurred in the Middle Ages:

The castle is perched on a hill and its name (“Vidone” by Guidone) brings to memory the Germanic feudalism. Legend has it that the local lord of nomeGuidone was contending with the lord of a castle near (Rocca Monte Varmine) and had requested help from brother named Conrad, in turn master of another castle restaurant nearby. The messenger delivered the message would help uttering the words “Run Corrado Guidone fights.” Later the name Guidone would turned into “Vidon”, and hence the name of the town becomes “Monte Vidon Fights”.

Monte Vidon Combatte

The “Liber lurium” of Fermo attests already in 1184 the presence of fights, sir Monte Guidone. Other ancient documents have Longinus of rights supposes with vast holdings between “Monte de Guidoni et perveniente to Holy Maria de Hill

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