City of Numana

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The history of Numana originated 2,500 years ago when the first Greek settlers conolizzarono this corner of Italy, attracted by the beauty of the place and the presence of safe landings. His glorious and troubled history still finds piceni scattered in museums across the world including the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Roman stones set in the “Tower” and the Roman aqueduct that, until recently, carried water to fountain of the church. In the eighth century BC Numana, already harbor of the Piceni, was very popular with Greeks. Few Italian cities that can boast a history as old and tormented. In the sixth and fifth centuries BC Numana was found to be an important trading center of the known world, with hundreds of ships carrying products industry and of Greek art. With the conquest of Piceno, by the Romans, the city fell into servitude, while maintaining a certain importance. The Middle Ages saw the slow and inexorable decline of Numana, which went from a flourishing commercial center, included among the city’s maritime Pentapolis, to a stage of decay even after a series of looting and destruction.

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Historical remains are found along the streets of Numana, ruins of Roman times and later, as the fountain in via Morelli with its five mouths;

Bishop’s Palace now houses the Town Hall;

Church of the Crucifix overlooking Piazza del Santuario, here is guarded the SS Crucifix of Numana, it operates one of the most enigmatic and beautiful Christian culture, as well as paintings and frescoes of Lilli;

Antiquarium State which displays artifacts dating picena relating to the territory of the same Sirolo and Numana. Important they are also some Roman remains as the stele Chelido. To remember are the surrounding areas, which offer the opportunity of tours and excursions.

Conero regional park rich in flora and fauna, the Monte Conero rises to 572 meters. above sea level and it can be visited through the various paths that cross.

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