Town of Sassocorvaro

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The origin of the town is to ask around the tenth century. In the thirteenth century it was subject to the dominion of Brancaleoni who ruled for over 100 years; after six years of war, in 1424, Guidantonio Da Montefeltro managed to scalzarne rule. The continuous wars between the Montefeltro and Malatesta caused the domination of one hour, now of the other, until the final victory of Frederick Feltrio Duke of Urbino (1463). Frederick granted a fief in Sassocorvaro Of Ottaviano Ubaldini, who built the fortress designed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini.

 With the extinction of the Ubaldini, he returned to Montefeltro again granted a fief to the Doria family of Genoa, who ruled it, in turn, until the end of the house (1626). After several years of domination by the Della Rovere, with the end of the dynasty of the Dukes of Urbino (1631) he passed to the Papal States and from these to the Kingdom of Italy.

From the top of the old town, the eye can sweep over the valley below where the river Leaf stands a gem set, Lake Mercatale, reservoir to collect water that feed on various aqueducts in the province; It has become tourist attraction for the sport of rowing and canoeing competitions that take place throughout the year. Above the village stretches, like a balcony on the lake, the large stain the pine forest of the Colle Hygeia, ideal for picnics and relaxing walks.

Rocca Ubaldinesca it houses the Municipal Art Gallery, a charming small Tetro and the Ark of Art: an exhibition of life-size copies of the great masterpieces of painting in 1940 saved from the dangers of war.

Walls and towers are visible Gate of Coste, ancient entrance with pointed arch, the Portaccia, access Voltone and the North and South Towers.

Valle Avellana another medieval town that still has the perimeter structure with the front door to pointed arch.

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