Municipality of Urbisaglia

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The city’s name derives from the ancient Roman city of Urbs Salvia.

This city of Picenum was born as a colony in the second century BC Extensively rebuilt between the Augustan age and the Tiberian (early first century AD), according to a precise plan of a monument for the city, its decline began with the passage of troops of Alaric in 408-409 AD


Roman Theatre: backs onto the hill where the mepanorama2dieval village, shows a front of 1,004 mt. which they are readable all the features of the building with the stage and the auditorium. The monumental masonry parts bear witness to its former glory. It was built in the first quarter of the first century A.D. Excavations inside originate numerous statures scattered in various museums, among which is a copy of the famous in the rest of the Faun Passitele, recovered at the time of Pius IV (1777) and finished the Vatican Museums. The Roman amphitheater, returned to establish itself as admired container summer productions of texts of the ancient theater it is the only one of the Marche to the excellent state of preservation.

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