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The spa center Manipura Hara is a place where technical, cultures and philosophies come together shaping a single objective: the Wellness and Balance-being of every person, which is the harmony between body and mind.




The concept of the HARA is a peculiarity Japanese. It is not only considered a physical but also a conscious process. And 'our mental and physical center of gravity. From it the harmonic movement of the body as a whole and in it they feel the emotions that affect the mind.








and also ....

Foot massage

The swelling of the feet is caused accumulation of fluid in the subcutaneous adipose tissue and can be recognized by the skin taut to the swelling, or sign that remains after pressing the area.The main causes of swollen feet can be a sign of kidney failure , bacterial infections, weakness of the capillary walls, hormonal disorders, obesity, overwork, a diet too high in salt or simply footwear unsuitable (too high or too low, too narrow, etc.). A Ritual of Wellness foot bath salts Rose Himalayan and a reflexology treatment with relaxing massage to the legs is a very effective remedy for the treatment of swollen feet, and retention in general, besides being very relaxing at some points!


Craniosacral treatment

For those who want a sweet treat and non-invasive but highly effective approach we are recommended consolidale with Craniosacral Therapy. The action of rebalancing the craniosacral rhythm favors a broad-spectrum action and is applicable to everyone, from infants to the elderly. It 'very effective in cases of stress, for which it would be useless to undergo a work of muscular relaxation, when the underlying tissue remains tense. Acting in depth on the connective tissue and the activity of the central nervous system, craniosacral therapy enables people to achieve deep relaxation, which starts from the inside of your body.



Kesa Abhyanga

Kesa Abhyanga is the Ayurvedic treatment comprising the massage head (shiro abhyanga) and hot packs (pichu) with the aim of restoring health and beauty to capelli.Comprende a series of maneuvers that tend to revitalize the scalp by stimulating the spraying blood resulting in increased flow of oxygen and nutritive.L'obiettivo the manual is to encourage the disposal of waste and toxins and residues of tissue morti.Si is a direct care of hair that are lubricated with vegetable oil medicated with herbs or enriched with essential oils specificii whose beneficial effects have a millennial experience.

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