Cantina Mencaroni

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La Cantina Mencaroni is a family company  borned in Corinaldo, on rolling hills, has a vineyard of 6 hectares with a prevalence of white grapes carefully controlled, selected and harvested manually as: Verdicchio, Malvasia and biancame; the remainder consists of montepulciano, sangiovese, merlot and cabernet sauvignon.

isolamencaroniThe harvest is the conclusion of a series of observations and analytical techniques that have monitored the progress of maturation and could determine the optimal time for the grape harvest that takes place exclusively by hand and in boxes.

The clusters are then selected and divided to follow the vinification process differentiated. The grapes are harvested only during the coolest hours is further cooled and treated to slow the oxidative processes and microbiological. Within two hours of collection, to maintain its aromatic potential, is introduced into the press and then in some cases to follow the processes of maceration.urbano The must is divided into three distinct parts, and worked in a different way. Some white wines remain in the barrels, on their lees, from 3 months to 2 years depending on their type and some red wines aged in barrels for 12-15 months before in the bottle for six months. The grapes, harvested in 'last week of August and September 1 are intended for the preparation of sparkling base.


Even the Air Dolomiti, the airline Lufthansa, has decided to bring the flavors of the Marche in flight, entering the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi "Island" of Mencaroni pride of our region Marche, in the wine proposal to its customers .


prod-mencaroniA good percentage of the production is sold as a retail wine directly from the winery while the remainder is bottled as a still wine or classic method.

The Cantina Mencaroni lends itself perfectly to Eno Gastronomic Tours at the beautiful winery in Corinaldo with guided tours and tastings, and is ready to immerse you in the traditions.

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