Osteria da Adamo

Strada Comunale delle Grazie 7 60019 - Senigallia (AN)|43.7066922,13.184603299999935 - www.daadamo.it/Osteria-Adamo-trattoria.php

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A family atmosphere where the pleasure of a meal is accompanied by the sweet feeling of being at home. This is the philosophy that has always characterized the 'Osteria from Adam historical reality of Senigallia

The Osteria da Adam, born in 1936, at which time Adam Olivi along with Rina wife founded a small inn to offer refreshment to hikers, from the countryside, they moved into town and vice versa.

Specialties of 'Osteria da Adamo handmade pasta at home (gnocchi, tagliatelle, pappardelle, Strozzapreti and stuffed pasta) as well as grilled meat strictly Marche origin; Scottona, Fiorentina and cut to finish the classic of classics: the fillet.

Rich traditional grills made from the Montefeltro pig (costarella, sausage, fegatello, capocollo) and the excellent lamb homegrown!

Gem genuine, fried classic to Marche (lamb, chicken, veal, mixed vegetables, chocolate creams and homemade olives)!

Even all the meats are strictly locally produced invariably accompanied by a rich basket of bread and flatbread baked straight from the kitchen