City of Pollenza

Piazza della Libertà, 16-0733 548711

Capital of the municipality of the same name, is located on a hill between the valleys of the Potenza and Chienti.

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Center of historical and artistic interest (Piceno and Roman settlements have been unearthed from archaeological excavations), known for the craft of furniture restoration, preserves the unity traditional urbanism and enjoy the view of the Sibillini mountains and the sea Marche .

Abbey Rambona: is the most important monument. Built by Benedictine monks in 898 A.D. thanks to the generosity of the Empress Lombard Ageltrude. For the construction they were partly used materials from a pagan temple dedicated to the Goddess Bona hence the name Rambona. In 1443 he was sacked and the fire by the troops of Francesco Sforza, the monastery was completely destroyed and the church was abandoned.



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