City of Monte Grimano

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In the valley of Conca on the border with the Republic of San Marino, perched on a spur overlooking the valley, rises Monte Grimano, the old “Mons Grimanus” castle after various dominations, now Malatesta now Montefeltro, became part of the Papal States until 1860. at the edge of the old town stands the Palazzo Massajoli, now the Town Hall, but once home to one of the wealthiest families of Montefeltro. The ancient castle walls have been recently restored: with a simple walk you can do a suggestive dive into the past.

Parish Church of St. Mary in the church is a Madonna delle Grazie (1607) of the baroque school.

Church of San Silvestro in altar paintings of seventeenth and eighteenth centuries that testify to the religious life of the community.

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