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The first core of the city lies at the limits of a Roman settlement located between the river and the immense Aspio Selva that provided sustenance and shelter to the first community. Following the flooding of the valley by rivers Aspio and roller, the original settlement moved to the present hill assuming the name “Castrum Giccardi” and, by the twelfth century that of “Castrum Ficcardi”. In 1240 it was destroyed by King Enzo and later restored by Pope Gregory IV. In 1337 it passed under the rule of the Malatesta and in 1443 under the rule of Francesco Sforza. With the expulsion of the people of Ancona in 1527, “Castrum Fidardum” is definitely the peace under the protection of the Church. In 1860 Castelfidardo is the scene of one of the greatest feats of arms of the Italian Risorgimento between the papal army of General Cialdini. The Battle of Castelfidardo marked the end of papal rule and gave birth to the Italian Kingdom.

Porta Marina entrance of the historic center is, together with the old cavalier of the Keep and Gate of the Sun, what remains of the medieval walls;

Town Hall ospia also the International Museum of the accordion;

Collegiate Church of St. Stephen – Mordini Palace built in the sixteenth century is now home to the Museum of the Risorgimento of the historic battle of 1860;

Monumental Church of St. Francis with its splendid auditorium;

International Accordion Museum opened in 1981, brings to life the fascinating history of the accordion in Castelfidardo they began to produce from 1863, when Paolo Soprani founded the first factory mass production of the instrument. The collection on display is made up of over one hundred and forty specimens from 18 countries and is embellished with a faithful reproduction of a typical workshop the years 30/40. The instruments on display are all fully functional. The museum also preserved paintings and sculpture (Boldini, Leger, Severini, Pigini, Bugari) as well as three unique collections of their kind. Is a collection of postage stamps issued by 26 states representing the accordion; another for coins and medals with the effigy of musicians; the third is a series of about four hundred statues and icons from around the world theme accordion;

Museum Zambian “Father Francis Mazzieri”;

Risorgimento Museum exhibits documents and memorabilia of the famous Bataglia of September 18, 1860 that allowed the annexation of the Marches and Umbria, Italy.


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