San Leo

A 539 m of alt. Montefeltro, is located on a rocky plateau of the right slope of the valley of Marecchia, last northern foothills of Mount Carpegna. Holiday resort and tourism linked to the production of cereals, grapes (wine), fodder, livestock (cheese, sausage), woodworking and footwear are the other activities.

She is quoted by Dante (Purgatory., IV, 25). The country has maintained the original medieval structure, with a single access road and the village gathered around the central square. On the square facing the Palazzo Della Rovere, now City Hall, taste tardomanieristico (early seventeenth century.), The Medici palace, Renaissance, extensively remodeled, and the apse of the church, an interesting example of pre-Romanesque architecture, with three naves and crypt (IX sec.). In a secluded, supported by robust Romanesque bell tower, is the cathedral (1173), with three naves and large crypt, where the Lombard Romanesque style is enriched with Gothic accents.

On the highest point of the cliff stands the mighty fortress, one of the most remarkable examples of military architecture in Italian; of ancient origin, it was remodeled several times, and in the Renaissance Francesco di Giorgio Martini he added the angular towers and the curtain bulwark; used as a prison by the papal government, they were imprisoned, among other things, Cagliostro (who died there), and Felice Orsini A. Saffi. In the territory, striking the convent of Sant ‘Igne (in the cloister, frescoes of the fifteenth century.). and fraction Pietracuta the medieval fortress.

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