Camporotondo di F.


City of Camporotondo of Fiastrone

Piazza San Marco – 0733 907153

The traveler who arrives in Camporotondo has the impression of being immersed in the atmosphere of some old picture postcards showing an ancient square exposed to the moon with streets wound about themselves as a ball.

camporotondo di fiastrone marche2Camporotondo has great walls, magnificent palaces or great cathedrals; nevertheless, at certain times, in certain places of roads, see aprirtisi front of something unique, rare and magnificent: the snows of the Sibillini and the green fields of the valley of Fiastrone. Small town of Macerata, has had a troubled history, marked by moments of splendor and decay. It was the castle of Varano of Camerino of great importance for the defense of the territory from incursions of the City of San Gines.

From the walls of the northwest stretches over the river valley Fiastrone, from which the town takes its name, in a pleasant alternation of hills as a backdrop the hill on which stands Belforte del Chienti. Getting high, at the church of Our Lady of Garufo, gaze reaches the massif of the Gran Sasso and the sea. In the village center stands the church dedicated to the patron St. Mark, whose attribute, the winged lion, also appears in the coat of arms.

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