Sant’Agata Feltria

The town of Sant’Agata Feltria

Piazza Garibaldi, 35-0541 929613

Sant’Agata Feltria has ancient origins: already inhabited by the Umbrian Samnites, in later centuries it belonged to various feudal lords including the Malatesta, the Montefeltro and Fregoso. The latter gave the name to the fortress built around the tenth century. and restored by Francesco di Giorgio Martini in 1474. St. Agatha it preserves a beautiful and well mantenutocentro town with important monuments, including the theater “A. Mariani “that, with structures made of wood, is the oldest theater in the Marches and one of the oldest in Italy. Of great importance is the Fair of the White Truffle and of agro-forestry-pastoral; event held annually during the month of October for four consecutive Sundays.

Rocca Fregoso (XV century): primordial rock, restored to house the lordship of the Fregoso, Genoese origin and captains of the Dukes of Urbino. It houses some interesting colezioni civic and an exhibition of movie memorabilia; room of the stables; Church of the Poor Clares; collegiate church; Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Capuchins; Church of St. Jerome; Teatro Angelo Mariani.

Petrella Guidi still intact medieval village where time seems to stand still.

Church of the Madonna del Soccorso; bed’s Eve.

Sant’Agata Feltria is one of the three capitals of the nose of the province diPesaro Urbino. Every year, on the Sundays of October, it is the Fair which attracts a large audience from Marche, Romagna and from all over Italy. Truffles, of course, is prized white being “gouged” by marl-limestone soils of the area. Around the fair rolls largely del’economia Tourism and the scent of the precious tuber drowns the whole valley. The cheeses are delicious, just think of the casciotta of Urbino, which is produced here, or pecorino “pit”, all to be enjoyed with honey industrious bees who visit millefiori of heights.


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