Sant’Angelo in Pontano

Municipality of Sant’Angelo in Pontano

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In Roman times it had to be a vicus or pagus and coaching.

With the advent of Christianity the cult of Mars, god of war, was replaced by that of the Archangel Michael, although it dressed as a warrior and bradente sword.


The first real community was structured in court and as it expanded to reach a certain importance at the time of the Lombards. During the raids of the Saracens, Sant’Angelo became a court farfense. The power of Farfa was replaced around the tenth century, the lords of noble lineage. Sant’Angelo in 1236 was proclaimed a free commune. Later he submits first in Tolentino, then in Fermo, becoming one of the largest castles state stop. In 1445, after a brief rule of the Da Varano of Camerino, Sant’Angelo was taken by force and looted with great destruction. Two years later it was fixed by the government and stop walls were built.

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