Montecalvo in Foglia

City of Montecalvo in Foglia

Piazza Municipio, 1-0722 58113

Montecalvo in Foglia belongs geographically to Montefeltro. Located in a panoramic position to reach, the route climbs up on the edge of the ridge, where you can see a peculiar characteristic: they are huge gullies that have eroded hills vast tracts constituting a “natural monument” to the bleakness of the landscape.

Montecalvo in Foglia dates back probably to the tenth century. It seems certain that the etymology of the name comes from the fact that this place, being the soil mostly clay and therefore subject to depressions and landslides, was extremely bare of vegetation, hence the name of Montecalvo, that is bare.

In 1224 for recognition of Pope Honorius III, Montecalvo depended on the Bishop of Fossombrone who yielded to nipoe Raniero Taddeo, of Pesaro. At that time there was a fortress that was destroyed then. Continually disputed between the Malatesta and the Dukes of Urbino, in 1460, the year that marks the final defeat Malatesta, finally passed under the Dukes of Urbino and followed its fortunes until the devolution of the duchy to the Church.

In the area of ​​Montecalvo in addition to admire the ravines typical of the slopes that rise to the historical center you can immerse yourself nelal intact nature’s fauna of the “Badia”. Of natural interest is a stopping point for many species of migratory birds. Further downstream are the villages of Cà Gallo Borgomassano and where, over the years, have developed industrial and craft activities, as well as sports facilities and facilities for tourist accommodation.


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