Montemaggiore al Metauro

City of Montemaggiore al Metauro

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Unaware of the origin of the name: a time the country, respecting the etymology, it was called Monte Maior, and also Monte Muaro. It rises before the eighth century. Its castle and, therefore, the village, always for the enviable strategic position, participates to the same historical Fano and Mondavio, as well as disputes Malatesta and Feltreschi, in the fifteenth century. E ‘of 1631 its membership to the Papal States, and in 1860 the Kingdom of Italy. Also for the skilled position, in World War II, the Allied command made it a point of basic observation against the Gothic Line.

Marfoi palace summer home of the noble family, now the Town Hall.

Opera OND (1929) recently restored, will host events and theatrical performances.

Civic Tower dominates the entire valley, is accessed by a feature staircase.

 Parish church on the top of the hill, is the fifteenth century, restored several times a canvas attributed to Barocci. For the location of the old town, it recommends a walk around the city walls from where you can admire a beautiful landscape and a small and picturesque pine forest where the monument was erected at Churchill and the Allied Command.

Montemaggiore al Metauro is at the center of the production area of ​​Bianchello Metauro, here houses the cellar, among the first built in the province, which are conferred on the grape vine Biancame (Bianchello) produced in the territory. From the same grapes also a small production of sparkling wine and Vin Santo. Another typical product is cheese, in this case by a cooperative dairy, which collects the milk producers and turns it into fine cheeses marketed outside the provincial borders. Finally in the hamlets of Villanova and Fior di Piano is traditional cultivation of chrysanthemums, famori autumn flowers, reaching good prices and are distributed and sold in stores across Italy.

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