City of Monteciccardo

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The first news about the castle Monteciccardo date back to 1283: they speak of a Castrum “Monti Sicardi”. The name derives, according to some, from the greek “sykon” (fig), others from sicariorum (murderers, bandits), or the name of an unknown person or Lombard franc fell in Italy. The castle was ruled by dynasties that succeeded in Urbino and Pesaro, with Urban VIII became after the end of the house of the Della Rovere, property of the Papal States.

Among the noteworthy monuments in Monteciccardo there Lachiesa of San Sebastiano, of ancient origin, renovated in the ‘700, which has a valuable painting of the sixteenth century Bartolomeo Gentile da Urbino, on the high altar. Outside the village, along the road that goes towards the Arzilla, it is “The Convent”, recently restored, built in ‘500, now a Museum of Contemporary Art and home to several cultural events. Among the buildings suburban worth mentioning include the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie and San Michele Arcangelo of Montegaudio.

The walled towns are Monte Gaudio and Monte Santa Maria. The castle of Monte Santa Maria remain the walls and houses, as well as the Church of St. Agatha, which was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1930. Outstanding panorama from the walls, the view extends from the coast to the Sibillini Mountains. On the road between the Convent and Sant’Angelo in Lizzola, it makes a fine show Villa Monti surrounded by his park. Going before the town there is the forest, where the family Perticari, which hosted, as well as Rossini, also important figures of Italian literature.

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