Surface: 22.70 sq km
Altitude s.l.m .: 199 mt
Population: 4,307

Hill town of medieval foundation, whose economy relies heavily on industry and service sectors. Almost all Appignanesi, resides in the capital city and the rest of the community is distributed in some urban centers elementary (Calamante, Cerquetella, Foresi, Gauls, Giuliani, Giuliodori Lillini, Mancinelli, Marinsalta and Marzioni).

The town, located on a hill, consists of a medieval core, partially surrounded by the ancient defensive walls and overlooking the river Monocchia, and a newer area, lying on either side of the main road. The municipal area, crossed by various streams, is characterized by regular lines of cultivated fields, vineyards and fields used for grazing, including winding dusty dirt roads; the landscape retains the imprint of the traditional agricultural economy Marche, which for centuries has been supported by a myriad of small farms sharecropping intended for mixed crops.


Mentioned in medieval documents, soon he came under the influence of Osimo, whose hegemony is subtracted, with the advent of the lordship of the family Gozzolini; the latter administered until its annexation to the Papal States, which took place in the fourteenth century after imposing political action of Cardinal Albornoz: the village was included among Civitates PARVAE but retained a significant degree of autonomy, demonstrated by publication in print the statutes in 1538.

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