City of Monte Porzio

Viale Cante Montevecchio, 10-0721 956000

The town of Monte Porzio, in whose territory the presence of men is certain since the Stone Age, saw the subsequent immigraizoni of pregallici, the Senones, Romans, Lombards and Bulgarians; Finally, the work of Christian civilization and agricultural Benedictine monks. Starts its development with the Counts of Montevecchio, who rule the territory of Monteporzio 1428 to 1816, participants to the historical events from the rule of the Malatesta, Della Rovere, Sforza until the advent diNapoleone and Restoration. Despite having lost the feud, the Montevecchio remain in Monte Porzio, often the main charge of the town, also striving for a united Italy. Their family crest becomes emblem of the town.

 Even the village of Castelvecchio has a long history, for the first time we find his name in a document of 1143 among the papers of Fonte Avellana. The site is identical to the current. The country until the sixteenth century has a story similar to that of Porzio, from which it differs when it is granted by the abbot of San Lorenzo in Campo, in 1534, alDuca of Urbino. With the death of the last Duke, Francesco Maria II della Rovere, passes to the direct rule of the Papal States, but the vast land ownership remains to eredeVittoria Della Rovere, wife of Grand Duke Ferdinando II De ‘Medici. Victory Oak sells Principles Barberinila estate of Castelvecchio in 1649.

Similarly in Monteporzio around the castle of Montevecchio, it develops Castelvecchio around the castle of the Della Rovere and Barberini.

Already with Della Rovere Castelvecchio it depends legally from Mondolfo and then ends up be annexed (Castelvecchio “enfeoffed” Mondolfo). The remoteness of the country from Mondolfo causes serious inconvenience, for which it will seek to break away and, while remaining in, join in Monte Porzio.

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