City of Altidona
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The remote origins are testified by Roman ruins of Villa Montana, dating to the Punic Wars. In the early twentieth century, in the municipal area, the veins in the light of a statue of Aesculapius invoice Greek traced back to the third century BC. In the eleventh century it belonged (in the bronze doors of its Basilica, the twelfth century, the figure of Altidona) Abbey of Montecassino before moving to that of Farfa.


Its history is closely linked to that of Fermo, so much so that in 1507 was among the castles of the second degree. He met the looting of the Napoleonic government and in 1860 90% of voters voted for the annexation to Italy.

Castle (XV century) draws a historical fact of charming alleys overlooked by historical houses. The City Wall, well preserved, are the base to homes drawing real surprises to lovers of art and architecture.

Church of St. Mary and St. Ciriaco (eighteenth century) is a triptych of Cortese (1390), a beautiful altarpiece of the Pagans.

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