Municipality of Tolentino

Freedom Square – 0733 9011

Located 224 m of alt. in the valley of the Chienti, to the left of the river. Basic agricultural production and livestock breeding, especially pork and beef. Traditional leather manufacturing, developed both industrially and on the craft, in addition to the paper industry, metal industry, packaging and furniture. Spa tourist resort, especially for the pilgrimage to the shrine of St. Nicholas of Tolentine.


Of great historical and artistic interest, it has an old center still partially enclosed by medieval walls. Among the many monuments is particularly remarkable basilica-sanctuary of St. Nicholas, built in Gothic style in the buckets. XIII-XV, but partially rebuilt and decorated in the sixteenth century. and in the Baroque period; It preserves the valuable Gothic portal, the cloister and the chapel of St. Nicholas, with great vault, entirely decorated with remarkable frescoes of the fourteenth century Rimini school. I am attached to the basilica the Civic Museum and the Museum of ceramics, boasting valuable pieces.

Noteworthy also is the neoclassical cathedral with remnants of pre-existing medieval church, the church of San Francesco, Gothic and baroque, the former church of Charity, the Romanesque-Gothic, the medieval Devil’s Bridge and the theater, of the buckets. XVIII-XIX, the most notable of the Marches.

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