City of Castignano

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Inhabited since ancient times, the castle, at the beginning of the Middle Ages, passed under Farfa and then under the jurisdiction of Ascoli; the status of ongoing “conflict” that arose, pushed the pope Sixtus V to admit it to the Diocese of Montalto Marche. And ‘it situated on a hill between the valley of Tesino and the head of the stream Chifente, hammered in a landscape from erosion and gullies. E ‘at 473 mt s.l.m. and the old part of his village rich in Romanesque churches and medieval and Renaissance houses, is a counterpoint to the new urban fabric, which developed along the road.

Church of SS. Peter and Paul the original nucleus dates back to the eleventh century, although its structure is attributable to 1300; side there is an imposing bell tower. Frescoes of 1300 including a surprisingly large “Judgment” with references to Dante and a wooden choir, Gothic attributed to Apollonius from Ripatransone.

Dell’Addolorata crypt decorated with frescoes attributed to Vittore Crivelli (1402-1440).


Church of Santa Maria del Borgo ancient tradition the Templars present in Castignano and owners of the church.

Parish church of Sant’Egidio with brick facade, neoclassical, equipped with tower (1731). Inside an artistic wooden baptismal font, a painting by Simone de Magistris (XVI century) and the masterpiece of Joseph Gezzi (1634-1721). Keep an artistic reliquary-monstrance, the work of high gothic goldsmith, with the relic of the Cross donated by Pope Nicholas IV (1288-1292).

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