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” Contention of the shaft of the polenta “
The ” Contention of the shaft of the polenta ” is the oldest historical re-enactment of the Province of Ancona , commemorates the victory of the Corinaldesi in 1517 against the army of the deposed Duke of Urbino Francesco Maria I della Rovere, who , for twenty days , had besieged without successful fortification of Corinth ( Guicciardini in his famous work “The History of Italy ,” says that ” … only Ascoli Piceno and Corinth resisted the army of Francesco Maria …”).

In the evocative and enchanting setting of the medieval center of the town perfectly preserved Corinaldese ( Corinth has the best preserved defensive walls of the Marches ) , among ancient buildings , streets and squares , hundreds of extras ( with period costumes made ​​by skilled local tailors ) , ladies and jugglers, sorcerers and warriors , fighters and acrobats , jugglers and artisans, flag bearers , drummers , trumpets , archers and dancers act as a support to the representation that culminates in the delivery scope ” Palio ” (the work of famous artists ) assigned the District winner of various competitions such as hopscotch , the prize of the archers , jousting knights and other races rionali .

The backbone of the Association, and therefore the same event (which traditionally falls on the third weekend of July, for over 30 years) is the ” Group of historic city of Corinth ignited REVIXI ” , consisting of over 70 items including flag-wavers, tambourines , trumpets , archers and dancers using a lighting and sound , fireworks and other very special and striking stage effects and music by setting medium – Renaissance , representing legends, tales , stories and tales of local tradition or drawn from famous works of literature : thanks to the spectacular choreography and exchange of flags of the flag , the choreography specially designed and thundering and powerful rhythms of drums and trumpets , the delicate steps of the dancers and the spectacular and accuracy of the arrows and fiery darts of the archers fails to intrigue both children and adults in a succession of dramatic scenes of battles with the flags of struggle against evil and love immortal.

Halloween – The Feast of the Witches 
Event which since 1998 has been held since the previous weekend until Halloween day (October 31 ) to the charming streets of the old town for the occasion turn into ” horror style ” reserving to the thousands of visitors who flock every year a week fear, but especially festive fun for families and looking for a quality tourism.

The huge success of spectators as well as the fantastic location and to emphasize that the event has had on various media led Corinth to be defined by the national press the “Capital of Italian Halloween” (2003, ” Il sole 24 ore “).

In addition to the many taverns (again arranged strictly by topic ) where you can enjoy the excellent food and wines of the area, to remember the many attractions : two-stage ” main ” ( The Land of the shore and Square ), which alternate performances of various kinds , House of the Spirits , Tunnel of Fear , Tower of Transformations , Zucchini , the market of artisans , the workshop “Building the fear ” , the street performers , the dance troupe Dark Angel , fireworks and the contest of “Miss Witch ” which each year aims to elect the ” Witch of the Third Millennium.”


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