City of Montefelcino

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Built in medieval times, it was long disputed between the centers of Fano and Fossombrone ending, in Malatesta era, under the latter. With the passage of Fossombrone under the rule of the Montefeltro she followed its fate, experiencing a period of great luck when between 150 and 1591, it was given in fief to Count Fabio Landriani. Is due to Count the construction, within the walls, the building now used for cultural purposes. Long-dead beautiful castle built by Federico da Montefeltro, designed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini.

Feudatario palace built by Count Landriani (1578), with its mass dominates the unusual pleasant historic center of town. It ‘was returned to his dignity with a restoration in the late 80s. And ‘the Town Hall.

Church of Saints Peter and Paul, the first document is that the concerns of 1290. It preserves a tombstone dated 1299, depicting the two saints, the work of such a Master Christopher.

Church of San Severo is questioning whether in ancient times there was a monastery on the site where later, in 700, the present church was built on the ruins of a previous.

Scala S. Maria Celi there are two frescoes. One of them, the end of the fifteenth century, representing the Madonna and Child enthroned is perhaps attributable to the school of Perugino.

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