City of Montecerignone

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Carpegna already in possession of the family 962, in 1448 it fell under the power of Malatesta. When in 1463 he returned to the Montefeltro. Montecerignone was an important administrative center, and is the work of Antonio Conte happened consolidation of the walls. Subsequently, with the Duke Frederick he had a renovation of the fortress by Francesco di Giorgio Martini. In 1358 Cardinal Albornozriorganizzando all lands recaptured the church placed in the fortress home to the “Commissioner Feretrano” judge of the ancient tribunal of Montefeltro, which remains in the historical testimony of the City. In Fonte Good, towards the end of ‘400 the friar Domenico Spadafora raised a small monastery, named “the Convent” where he retired with a few other confreres. Currently the remains of Blessed Dominic are intact for over three hundred years, in the Parish Church of Santa Maria in Reclauso, built on the ruins of a temple dedicated to Juno, dating back to the sixteenth century.

Palace of Begni beautifully crafted Renaissance building opposite the stairs leading to the castle.

Church of St. Catherine was built by order of the Knights of the Sovereign Order of Malta.

Church of Santa Maria del Soccorso in 1600, in which we find a “Madonna Enthroned” and two paintings attributed to Vivarini lancet.

Church of St. Blaise from the XVII century where a valuable Latin cross of the twelfth century that the tradition brought by crusaders returning from the Holy Land.

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