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The family of the Carpegna was the founder of the history of all of central Italy overlooking the Mediterranean; Carpegna derive from the Della Faggiola, the Malatesta and the first accounts of Montefeltro. The Carpegna, noble family of the oldest lasting in Italy, already existed before 1000, exercised his power until 1749; over the rule, the town followed the fate of the Papal States.

Palazzo dei Principi still home to the family Carpegna Falconieri, was built in 1675 for Cardinal Gaspare. The dwelling, really princely, preserves the original furnishings, rich salt (such as the “throne”) and a family wealth contained in the library and in the collection of documents; just think that between the Carpegna have followed men at arms, clergy, ambassadors and other distinguished personalities.

Church of St. Sixtus with fine Romanesque crypt.

Romanesque church of San Giovanni (XII century) flanked by a Renaissance loggia.

Church of St. Nicholas (XVII century) famous because in 1970 there was the mysterious episode of the bells that rang remain securely.

For the natural environment surrounding the town, Carpegna is the ideal holiday destination “all natural” and those who love sports such as hiking, birdwach, etc.

The City of Carpegna is part of the Montefeltro region and the historic seat of the ancient mountain community, known in gastronomy, especially for the production of cheeses, such as the famous “Casciotta of Urbino” whose most noble admirer was Michelangelo. The woods are full of mushrooms and truffles; Good quality is the production of single-flower honey; acorns and pastures are food for pigs and cattle. The goodness of the meat and slaughter that here it is, has enabled us to raise awareness and appreciation Prosciutto di Carpegna worldwide, as among the best and most requested. Besides the famous ham, are products other sausages, real specialties, to be found in small workshops.


Carpegna offers a complete tourist accommodation organization thanks to a remarkable availability of hotels, houses and camping sites in an area of ​​unspoiled places ideal for exploration and for quality of life.

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