Morro d’Alba

Piazza Romagnoli, 6-0731 63013

The walls of Morro d’Alba ensure the panorama sweet Marche countryside, marked by farms and hills crowned with picturesque villages. In spite of its size, Morro boasts some enviable primates, as being the only fortified town in Italy where the walls are covered for the full length by a covered walkway and equipped with arcades, the famous “shoe”.

At Morro it was found the famous gold medallion, now in Rome, showing the only known picture of coinage Emperor Theodoric and here comes also the rare bombards the fourteenth century now in Turin. Here he was born Enzo Cucchi, internationally renowned painter.

Morro d’Alba is lovely for peace and harmony of the landscape and the village, ideal for those who want to meet nature and history, art and culture.

The town hall was built between 1763 and 1775. In the premises of the residence communal houses various works, including an altarpiece by Claudio Ridolfi, painter of Venetian origin, but active mainly in the Marche, depicting “The Coronation of Virgin and Saints “and a painting of the seventeenth century depicting St. Michael the Archangel, once placed within local churches.

In the basement of the Auditorium S. Teleucania is a permanent exhibition of photos of the Maestro Mario Giacomelli on Cantamaggio.

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