City of Peglio

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Historically it was satisfied Roman indentificabile with the “Vicus Pilleus” Pentapolis where, towards 739, loyalists Lombards of King Liutprand were defeated by the Roman-Byzantine.

Was elevated land in the fortress and left the Holy See when Pepin the Short (died 768) he donated Massa Trabaria the patrimony of St. Peter.

Castle Peglio, already partly feud Benedictine in 1185, it was assigned by Pope Nicholas IV in 1291, to secure residence of the rector of Massa Trabaria during the fierce battles between the Montefeltro, Della Faggiola and Brancaleone, who were in feud 1334.

Cardinal Albornoz he claimed allegiance to the Holy See, finally passed, by permission of Pope Boniface IX, the ConteAntonio da Montefeltro.

It was officially called Castrum Pilei, castle of Peglio, dapileum = military cap.

Under the regime of Montefeltro-Della Rovere and as Vicariate of the earth Casteldurante, he remained until 1631, when the State of Urbino was donated to the Holy See.

Medieval tower destroyed during the war and rebuilt, retains the old bell of the sixteenth century.

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