Town of Apiro
Piazza Baldini, 1-0733 611 131

Originally, this small town in the Marches had different names: Pire, Piro, Lapiro. The current Apiro dates back to before the twelfth century, derived from greek PJR, pjros (fire).

Collegiate Church of St. Urban dedicated to the patron, was built in 1632 for the work of Giangiacomo Baldini. The church in the Baroque style, is divided into three naves: the main altar houses an  altarpiece 29112010174715apiro marche 1of the seventeenth century,  depicting the coronation of the Virgin  and St. Urban I Pope with a majestic  wooden frame carved and gilded. Keep a  prestigious organ of Venetian Gaetano  Callido, built in 1771. The sacristy, with wooden furniture of the ‘700, is home to a valuable collection called “Treasure of the Collegiate” and consists of paintings, busts of saints in silver, vestments and sacred.

Municipal building massive quadrangular building, identified with the ancient Palazzo dei Priori, built in 1246. The council chamber preserves a work of great artistic value in the history of painting Gothic-friendly Marche: the “Altarpiece” Allegretto Nuzi of 1366.

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