City of Sassofeltrio

Piazza Municipio, 3-0541 974 130

Sassofeltrio is one of the most important settlements of the Montefeltro in terms of strategic and military.

In 1200 Sassofeltrio was a feud of the Counts of Carpegna, who owned extensive territories in the valley of the Conca and Marecchia, in 1300 Sassofeltrio became a Malatesta fortress, which he remembers in the papal books a mighty tower. In June 1463 underwent a siege by the troops of Montefeltro, led by Count Frederick himself, which he subjected the area to make it a defensive outpost of extreme importance, since its destruction Federico commissioned Francesco di Giorgio Martini to build a fortress where the ancient fortification, on the foundations of gessite made from the hill where once stood the village of Sassofeltrio. It still shows clear signs of the medieval village and there are traces of caves and tunnels in a state of neglect, which were originally used for emergency exits in case of siege.

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