Civitanova Marche

Town of Civitanova Marche

Piazza XX Settembre, 93-0733 8221

Located at 155 m of alt. north of the mouth of the Chienti, the city is composed of the villages Portocivitanova, town hall, and Civitanova Alta.

Important fishing center and seaside resort, with sites for fishing boats. Also present, shoe factories (National Exhibition of footwear, in July) and engineering industries. Agriculture provides vegetables and fruit. Portocivitanova counts the presence of the Romanesque church of Saint Maron, IX sec., Today almost entirely rebuilt.


Villa Conti is located in the beautiful park, rich in rare plants, completely destroyed during the Second World War and then rebuilt in the following years. Inside there is a neo-Gothic church and a crypt which houses the tombs of accounts Conti and the opera singer Francisca Solari. The complex also includes the fifteenth-century tower and the building of San Michele, a rare example of Macerata for the art-nouveau, perfectly preserved, built by architect Paolo Sironi in 1910.

Theatre Annibal Caro historical and cultural heritage of the city, was brought back to work in December 1997. The theater dates back to 1860 and has always been a place for citizenship proudly displayed a new “Cathedral Lay”, a temple where the ritual ancestral representation of what you can add all of the nineteenth century see and be seen.


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