Falconara Marittima


City of Falconara Marittima

Piazza Carducci n. 4-071 91771



From the hill of Falconara Alta, where lies the castle of medieval origins, today the municipal office, there is a splendid and suggestive panorama of the coast to Monte Conero ..

Friendly town Falconara is rich in historical monuments: the Franciscan Library and Picena, one of the most important of the Marches, the four castles (Rocca Priora, Falconara Alta and Castelferretti, without forgetting the ruins of one of Barcaglione), Villa Montedomini and the frescoes fifteenth of Santa Maria della Misericordia magnificently restored to the ancient Roman cistern Treasury.

The Municipality of Falconara has a peculiarity that contraddistigue from all other common Marche and is not to be built around a unique ancient settlement, but on the basis of association of most villages, of which the four medieval castles on its territory are ancient testimony and document: together constitute the historical roots of the modern town was born with the unification of Italy. Of these four, three castles are well preserved and are preserved ruins of a place in the highest and most panoramic of the municipality.

Castle Barcaglione: still visible the ancient remains in an enchanting setting, 204 meters from sea level, was built in unknown time in control of the access road to the north of Ancona. Important defensive stronghold, could turn into dangerous threat in the hands of forces hostile to the Dorian city, which happened in 1375 when it was occupied by Count Lucio, commander of the Imperial League fighting against the Church. Mindful of the deadly danger over, Ancona decreed the killing.

Castle Rocca Priora: built after a thousand and already known as the Rock of Fiumesino, it was used as a control and defense of Foce dell’Esin and the ford of the river on the coast road north of Ancona. Long contended for its strategic position between Jesi and Ancona, in 1516 by Pope Leo X was permanently assigned to the Dorian city. In 1755 it sold with the surrounding lands in perpetual lease to the wealthy merchant Francesco Ancona Triumphs (1706/1772), which took from the Pope the title of Marquis. It is currently owned by the family Baldoni.

Castle Castelferretti: in 1384 Francesco Ferretti descendant of armed men from Germany who came to Italy at the beginning of the previous century, asked and obtained permission to transform an ancient watchtower in the Plain of Ronchi, in a fortified place. Thus arose the feudal castle and the investiture by the Pope, with the attribution of the title of “Count of Castel Francesco”. Owned until recently by the Ferretti Family, it is now headquarters of the delegation of Castelferretti, Environment and Education Center of Peace, and other business associations and private companies.


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