The City of Apecchio, with its 103.12 square kilometers of territory is the seventh extension of the province of Pesaro and Urbino, with its mountains, pastures and wooded expanses retains a natural heritage almost intact. Crystalline streams, sulphurous water and trace minerals, herbs, and then fallow deer, roe deer, wild boars and the majestic golden eagle, are the Municipality of Apecchio an ideal destination for alternative tourism that practiced by environmentalists and naturalists in general to live a more intimate contact the nature. The Monte Nerone, by this landscape offers great opportunities for recreation winter skiers, and suggests tours caving enthusiasts or more quiet walks to discover colorful flowers. This mountain also preserves interesting fossils as the Ammonites, telling us of the early history of the planet.


Palazzo Ubaldini – Fossil Museum Minerals of Monte Nerone: of great value is Palazzo Ubaldini, recently renovated site in the underground part of the fifteenth century Palazzo Ubaldini, in which a vast collection of fossils, dinosaur claws, skulls and other important archaeological sites of the territory.

Pieve di San Martino: XI century, its interior preserves the SS. Crucifix, particularly revered, paintings and two altars of sandstone of the seventeenth century.

Medieval Bridge “in the back of a donkey”, double span, was the primary access to the castle at the turn of the river Biscubio.

Clock Tower: The imposing structure was the main entrance of the castle; above the arch stands the coat of arms of the family Ubaldini della Carda.

Church of Our Lady of Life: with paintings of the seventeenth century, built in the area occupied by the former synagogue and Jewish community, which still contains important architectural elements.

Globe of Peace, built entirely of wood can hold 600 people and with appropriate mechanisms to simulate the Earth’s rotation. The work is included in the Guinness Book of Records.

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