Castel Colonna

Town of Castel Colonna

Piazza Leopardi, 3-071 7957120

Little old town on a natural spur, whose main element is made of a beautiful port ramparts (Tower Victory Column). At a distance from the nucleus, gradually it developed a new urban area, of mainly residential, resort in Cross. Rural roads, in fairly good condition, in an environment with the usual type of the agricultural landscape of the Marche, with a prevalence of crops, vine, sunflower and sugar beet. Sipei small green areas, scattered trees. In the agricultural landscape it is still possible to see traces of the traditional techniques of cultivation (vines planted in rows). Rather developed-bearing crops. Cattle in the wild, in the countries of the “provincial” for Roncitelli. Fair livestock activity at the family level. Form of corporate management, the company direct-cultivator. Presence of any ponds which certain for sport fishing. Part of the area is affected for a short distance from the river Cesano at the Bruciata. Also of a beautiful stretch of road between the thick vegetation along the Burnt dil Fosso, almost on the border with the territory of the municipality of Senigallia.

to be seen:

Tower Victory Column door brick of the thirteenth century, has been renovated, embattled, preserves (characterized by a double arch) a plaque of 1457. Sights include both the walls of the thirteenth century, largely rebuilt, presents in the oldest part escarpment with a parapet and cornice of corbels and finally the parish church of San Mauro Abate. Interesting also the panoramic views from the area of ​​”Cross”, the hill Montesalvatello (with views from the Apennines to the Adriatic), the Poggio di Francavilla (with views of the Adriatic and the valley of the River Cesano).

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