City of Talamello

Piazza Garibaldi, 2-0541 920 036

The first news about Talamello date from 800 AD :, received the Charter of the Ravenna 950, 999 of the Code Bavaro and Placido Feretrano.

The territory was then called “the Parish of St. Peter’s Worship”, was holding with its own laws and regulations and belonged to the church as a feud Montefeltro, who passed to the Malatesta in 1243. It was the seat of the Bishops of Montefeltro for over 100 years and the Cardinal Legate.

The feud over the centuries passed through various hands was Uguccione Faggiola, the Correr, the Venetian, the Montefeltro, the Church and even the Malatesta family, who sold it to the Pamphili in part and the rest of the Bentivoglio in the years 1621-1655. In 1797, Napoleon was in the Cisalpine Republic, department of Rubicon, district of Mercato Saraceno and then free municipality in 1861 with the establishment of the Kingdom of Italy.


Home of the aged cheese:

Known as “Amber Talamello”, it is a cheese that is aged in pits dug in the ground tuff where acquires particular flavor and aroma. The production is artisanal and often fails to meet the market demands. Particularly recommended after a meal, it can be served with honey and jams.

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