Isola del Piano

Isola del Piano

Piazza Umberto I, 1-0721 720127

Before news of this insediamneto clubby, it has in 1140 in a donation to the Bishop of the Duke Guarnieri Fossombrone. Soon he had a great importance as a center abitatto as the act of confederation between Fano and Rimini in 1207, to the detriment of the nearby city of Pesaro and Urbino, are remembered alliances already concluded between Fano and Massari Island Plan ( Insula de Planensium). Ghibelline castle was burned by Rimini called to the rescue by opponents Guelfs. The fact is documented in an inscription carved in Gothic capital, now preserved in the multi-cultural center “in the year 1284, indiction XII, during the pontificate of Pope Martin IV, it took place on Saturday, July 8 total fire of Castle Island “.

Subsequently Island Plantation was under the jurisdiction of Urbino until 1574 when it was given in fief by Duke Guidobaldo II of Mantua Castiglioni accounts, including to remember is Baldassarre Castiglioni, the famous author of “The Courtier” wrote the court of Duke Frederick.

Former Church of the recently restored and used as an auditorium. Inside there are two frescoes of the XV century, including one by Giovanni Santi.

“In the Footsteps of Our Fathers” museum of society and traditional country set up at the former Monastery of Montebello.

The municipality was among the first in Italy to convert to organic farming. Here the pioneering adventure began in the ’70s and has since become a strong national reality with the production of a brand distributed throughout the Italian and European. Cereals, which are produced pastas, vegetables and many other products that meet more and more favor with the public, are the basis of the agricultural economy of the Island Plantation.

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