Ripe San Ginesio

City of Ripe San Ginesio

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 8-0733 500102

It ‘a characteristic village of medieval origin whose first settlement on the hill, probably belonged to the people of Piceno.

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In Roman times it was the noble Urbisaglia Vicus. The bishops of Camerino there were a fief of border officials who assigned the accounts Prontaguerra. It was a possession of Prontaguerra until the sale of the castle in San Gines, despite the strong and long resistance from residents. After the fury Sforza, Ripe, with San Gines, was absorbed by the papal government. The Papal Bull “Cum iniuncta” issued by Pope Leo X, dated 1517, marked the end of each fight between ripani and Ginesini and established that the castle was owned by Ripe San Gines.

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