City of Casteldelci

Piazza S. Nicolò, 2-0541 915423


Casteldelci was built around the church of St. Martin in Vivedo and was in ancient times under the jurisdiction of the bishops of Montefeltro. In 1290 it was under the rector of Massa Trabaria, then passed to the Della Faggiola, who exercised power until 1400 for the help given to the bishops against the Republic of Florence. It was then in 1433, of Nicholas of Perfetti ì, which escaped Guidantonio da Montefeltro. Subsequently belonged aCesare Borgia, Lorenzo de ‘Medici (1517) and to the Dukes of Urbino in 1522. It then followed the vicissitudes of the Duchy of Urbino. In the territory only the remains of the old castle and the Tower of Monte recall the echo of the warlike deeds of the native Uguccione Faggiola, sung as the “Greyhound ghibellino” in popular songs.

Church of St. Nicholas in the Gothic style with the impressive bell tower.

Roman bridge built over the river Senatello.

S. Maria in Sasseto preserves important frescoes by the Rimini school.

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