City of Monteprandone

Eagle Square, 1-0735 71091

The first written records about the castle of Monteprandone are the year 1039, when Guido nicknamed “farmer” and suofratello Longinus, give the abbey of Farfa Lazio certain assets located in the committee stop, including the “Castellum de Monte Prandonis”. Tradition has it that the name given to the castle was that of a knight (or Prandone Brandone) to race away, arrived in these lands in the wake of Charlemagne. In 1292 Monteprandone submitted to the city of Ascoli, obtaining in exchange protection and defense. The municipality of Monteprandone remained under papal government until the plebiscite of 1860 that decreed the union of the Marche to the Kingdom of Italy.



Walls had two entrances: West Gate from Monte and east by Sea Gate, demolished along with a portion of the walls, in the second half of 1800 to expand the square.

Campanelli building on the left is Via Limbo, ancient and picturesque alley with medieval vaults, that during the Christmas season with an original Nativity Scene made by the Local.

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