San Marcello

City of San Marcello

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San Marcello, located on the highest hill on the left dell’Esino, boasts a height of 233 meters above sea level, an area of ​​25.52 square kilometers and a population equal to 1,931.

The town, with a nice set of castle walls, is particularly rich in important buildings in the Renaissance style.

Around Mille come on “the highest hill in the area on the left side of the river” (English Benedictine, year 1029) Benedictine monks. By 1100 Frederick I, the boundary extends beyond the territory of Jesi San Marcello, taking it away in part to Monte San Vito. In 1213 Senigallia yields in Jesi a group of houses (Villa, not castle) in San Marcello. In 1429 they rebuilt the walls and the doors castle, destroyed in the struggles between Guelfi and Ghibellines; the ricostruizione place by Cardinal di Jesi. In 1511 San Marcello, one of the first castles, obtained the privilege to put on the emblem the lion rampant, along with autonomy in the area of ​​competence. In 1579 he obtained administrative autonomy, joining in Jesi, as required by the papal government. After that date, the history of San Marcello coincides with those of Jesi and in Vallesina.

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