City of Saltara

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Curious etymology of the name of Saltara that, according to the most common version, derived from the Latin “Saltus area” in memory of an altar (“ara” fact) innalcato by the ancient inhabitants to appease with sacrifices a winged dragon that lived in the woods area.

The town experienced its heyday in the Middle Ages. In this period Saltara contracted an alliance with neighboring Fano, a city with which it came under the rule of the Malatesta of Rimini. Governed until 1805 by a captain general elected by the community of Fano, was annesa later as all the Papal States, which in the meantime belonged to the Kingdom of Italy. The advent of Reupubblica confirmed its role as the common. Saltara is essentially divided into four parts: the old town that bears the old name, the populous and large fraction of Calcinelli and the two peripheral areas of Borgaccio and Postavecchia.

Saltara medieval castle is accessed by a characteristic staircase of 106 steps, it has recently been restored.

Palazzo del Bali with large park that welcomes summer events, the palace is from a few years in the middle of a careful restoration to be able to obtain museum spaces and multipurpose.

There are many churches that valuable works of art, to remember: Peter Celestine, Blessed Sacrament, St. Francis, the Holy Cross and the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Villa.

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