Macerata Feltria

Town of Macerata Feltria
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The first settlements of the barbarian tribes – perhaps Gothic and Lombard – were built on the remains of a Roman town named “Pitinum Pisaurense”. Later the castle was built. Disputed between the Malatesta and Montefeltro, it was long possession of the Duchy of Urbino. Leaving the old town of Macerata Feltria, we find the Romanesque church of San Cassiano in Pitino (sec. XI), one of the oldest churches of Montefeltro. In this place and in the area surrounding the church stood the Roman city of Pitinum Pisaurense. The church was built using the existing facilities of an ancient pagan temple to Saturn.

Church of St. Francis within the perimeter of the castle with Gothic portal-fourteenth century.

Palazzo del Podesta (sec. XI-XII) with Gothic portal sandstone and coats of various dynasties that succeeded. The building houses the Archaeological Museum.

Romanesque tower (sec. XII) on top of the belfry was built in the last century tower houses the Museum of Paleontology.

Church of St. Joseph (sec. XIV) in Gothic style, has inside a “Madonna del Rosario” of the baroque school.

St. Michael’s Church from neoclassical, with a precious crucifix by Carlo da Camerino signed and dated 1396.

Parish of St. Cassiano in Pitino (sec. XI), one of the oldest churches of Montefeltro, in Romanesque style, stands on the site of Roman Pitinum Pisaurense and was built with materials of a pagan temple dedicated to the god Saturn. In archaeological excavations have unearthed inscriptions and fragments period.



 On 7 and 8 December 2008, the medieval town of Macerata Feltria becomes the “Wonderland”.

Thanks to special sets “fairytale”: houses in chocolate, a street dedicated to the ‘greedy’ where to find all the goodies, a full pub in chocolate, a chocolate messaging, angels, nativity scenes and many statues all made of chocolate.


The Museum of Antique Radio, born thanks to the gift of Charles Chiuselli the town of Macerata Feltria, traces, through the numerous devices, the radio history: the early days of radio, from the early ‘900 to the’ 60s.

The exhibition is the result of a painstaking restoration, research and study the technology of the past such devices made of original publications (unfortunately rare) and years of research equipment recovered from the inevitable destruction or forgotten in some attic.

The collection includes about 100 and more original equipment restored and working, plus various accessories: speakers, headphones, valves, microphones, documents, advertising and various. Several Italian and foreign brands, among others some no longer exist.

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