City of Montelabbate

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Located at the foot of the hill where the ancient castle owned vicinaAbbadia of St. Thomas in Foglia, Montelabbate “Monte dell’Abbate” sees his name and his history intimately linked to this presence. During the ages aroused the interest of the noble families and the castle passed to the various lords who governed until the arrival of Napoleon of 1808. The castle, built around the twelfth century, it was built by the monks of the Abbey of St. Thomas to defend themselves from the incursions of soldiers and marauders, frequent in the valley after the disintegration of the feudal world. The Abbot of St. Thomas will make his habitual residence administering many offices in the lee of strong walls. For the strategic importance illustrious families fought over the castle: the Malatesta, lords of Pesaro, raised the Rocca; Sforza restored the walls and built the small eastern tower, built by young Costanzo who loved to stay here and who died there in 1483. A fascinating walk in the thick vegetation allow you to discover the ancient ruins and the restored tower from which there is a splendid panorama.

The municipality of Montelabbate is one of the most industrialized of the province; here they are located the “cooks” the most famous of Italy. For the typical productions are worth mentioning peaches; this fruit has found here the microclimate and soil ideal for high quality production and good organoleptic characteristics. At this fruit is dedicated the “Peach Fair” held in July for over 50 years, with an unusual feature: the auction of peaches, that is a real auction of the best fruits open to the public. The vines of the area produce Colli Pesaresi Rosso and Bianco, DOC wines to be drunk young and not later than the first year.

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