San Severino Marche

Municipality of San Severino Marche

Piazza del Popolo, 45 – +39 07336411

It is located 344 m of alt. in the valley of the power, the right of the river. Built on the ruins of the ancient Roman colony Septempeda, it consists of two parts: the lower town and the upper town, or “castle”, of medieval appearance. While the high town is almost uninhabited, the lower town is a bustling center of trade, especially agricultural (wheat, grapes, tobacco, sugar beet, etc.); Active also livestock breeding and industry (engineering, building materials, chemicals, plastics, food).

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Important is the complex of works medieval church of San Lorenzo in Doliolo (XI sec.), With notable bell tower and crypt, tower Smeducci, New Cathedral and Old Cathedral, both largely rebuilt, but which retain the primitive grandiose steeples. Remarkable was also the artistic activity during the Renaissance that saw a school work by local artists; in this period are numerous buildings and homes, Our Lady of Peace, by Pinturicchio, the New Cathedral, and the wooden choir of the Old Cathedral. Nearby is the sixteenth-century church of Santa Maria del Glorioso and picturesque gorge of Grilli, is to report the cave church of St. Eustace.

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