Ostra Vetere

The municipality of Ostra Vetere

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The first archaeological evidence dating back to the Paleolithic, but the valley is assuming an important strategic and economic importance in the first half of the fourth century BC with the arrival of the Celts that the Umbrians expelled from these territories.

After the battle of Sentino (Sassoferrato) in 295 BC in which the Romans defeated a coalition of Celtic and Italic peoples, begins the Roman colonization of the territory. In the Carolingian period the inhabitants of this area went to settle the hill in front of the old center, who defined with a designation typical of this time of rebirth, “Monte Novo”.

During the ‘200 the village of Monte Novo it became a separate municipality, entering in 1251 in the sphere of influence of powerful countryside of Jesi. In the years following the annexation to the Kingdom of Italy will break up a fight between Montaldobbo, who in the meantime had taken the name of Ostra and Montenovo to contend for the cultural and historical heritage of the ancient Roman town and bear his name. In 1882 the City of Montenovo will, at its request, by royal decree, to turn his name into that of Ostra Vetere.

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